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Instant & gentle removal of broken capillaries, blood spots & skin tags.
Diathermy is an advanced technique employed by electrologists to reduece and or eliminate individual, visible surface capillaries (thread veins) and spider navei on the face, neck and dec'olletage. It is the cauterization treatment, utilising a heat current, of the visible capillaries, which are in the epidermal (top) layers of the skin.
There are many causes of these damaged capillaries such as sun exposure, harsh treatment of the skin & injury such as squeezing. In some cases, fine skin texture & couperose may be an inherited factor therefore leaving the skin sensative to internal & external factors.
Although the treatment is quick, efficient & very effective, it is advised that thorough care is taken to minimise the chances of scaring & promote healing. Immediately following the procedure, continually apply Sterex Witch-hazel gel to the treated areas atleast 5 times per day & continue for no less than 7 days. Follow this with a thorough application of 30+ sunscreen containing no less than 5% micronized zinc oxide.
Subsequent treatments may be continued after 14 from the initial treatment date, unless there is sensativity in the area previously treated. Your therapist will advise you in order to ensure you receive an effective result. 

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