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We understand that during your pregnancy you deserve some much needed attention and spoiling. We also understand that not all pregnancies are the same, therefore we are able to design each & every treatment to suit your specific needs.
The following treatments are safe & benficial during your pregnancy. 
Prenatal treatments are only recommended after the 1st Trimester.

Individual Treatments
Priori Coffeeberry Facial (75min)   $150
24K Gold Collagen Facial (75min)  $150
Customised Facial (75min)  $75
Intensive Eye or Lip Treatment  $16
Pregnancy Massage (60min)  $70
Customised Body Scrub (45min)  $65
Indulgence Body Wrap (75min) $140
Spa Manicure  $30
Spa Pedicure  $50
Pregnancy Relexology(45min)  $45
Baby Bliss - 2.75hrs
Spa Manicure
Spa Pedicure
Pregnancy Foot & Leg Massage
Freshen up Facial
Price: $165
Yummy Mummy - 3.5hrs
Spa Manicure
Spa Pedicure
1hr Pregnancy Massage
Natural Priori CoffeeBerry Facial
Price: $295
Mother Nurture Day - 6.5hrs
Spa Manicure with Parrafin
Spa Pedicure with Paraffin
1/2hr Pregnancy Foot & Leg Massage
1hr Pregnancy Massage
Priori CoffeeBerry Facial
Intensive Eye Treatment
Intensive Lip Treatment
Indulgence Body Wrap
Price: $520

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