Botanica Scratchy & Itchy Soothing Bags

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Scratchy & Itchy Soothing Bath bags contain colloidal oats, a traditional remedy well known for soothing itchy, irritated and dry skin. To enhance this effect we have created a synergist blend of Red Clover combined with the whole ground oats. The oats are ground to maximise efficacy.The bath bag membrane allows the soothing and moisturising components through while containing the messy and slippery residue. Free of excipients, colouring, petrochemicals and tar.

If you find yourself with dry itchy skin, or you’re suffering from a nasty rash or sunburn, popping a Soothing bath bag is a wonderful way to relieve whatever is irritating you and your skin. It’s thought that phenols and avenanthramides (two naturally occurring chemical properties in oatmeal) help reduce inflammation, and any discomfort that comes with it. Itchy dry skin is also often caused by lower PH levels, and oatmeal can help restore your PH to normal. On top of all of this saponins, a chemical compound found in oatmeal, really lifts up and absorbs dirt and excess oils from the skin, while also acting as a natural anti-bacterial cleanser.

Place 3-6 bath bags in the bath.
Squeeze the milky active from each bath bag, then remove. The Bath Bags are single use only.
Bathe in Scratchy and Itchy as often as required.