We promise NOT to tell anyone your tanning secret

Heated during the winter months and cooled during the warmer months, Helena’s Day Spa ensures you will be comfortable to be spray tanned no matter what time of the year it is.

For the best tan, we recommend our Buff ‘n’ Polish treatment, which includes a complete face and body scrub, shower and personalised spray tan. If you don’t have 45min to spare, your tan technician can assist you with home care mitts and scrubs to prepare your skin at home.

Helena’s Day Spa offers you the most natural spray tan you will experience. Fast drying, no streaking and no orange tones. Lasting up to 7 days and can be extended up to 2 weeks with our specially formulated Pro Long extending cream and handmade shower butters. Our premium tanning solutions contain natural and organic ingredients combined with a green base to ensure the most perfect looking tan.

Since no skin tones are the same, every spray tan application includes a personalised colour consultation. Helena’s tan technicians will take into consideration what your spray tan is for... a specific event, a daytime or an evening event, colour and style of your outfit, and of course your skin tone. All of these factors are very important in getting your tan perfect. Even if you are just wanting a spray tan to make you feel better, or an all year round bronzed look, your technician will perfect the look you desire.

Helena’s tan technicians have perfected the art of spray tanning & will apply tan protector where needed and supply you with an individual tanning towel to stand on during your session, (ensuring no more orange or black feet), disposable briefs, a hair protection cap and a corrective drying session. A combination of a person consultation, tan choice and the natural bronze colour guide in our tan solutions, allows your tan technician to personalise and create the perfect flawless tan every time.

Preparing for your tan

  • If not booking a Buff ‘n’ Tan package, please exfoliate thoroughly before arriving Helena’s Day Spa has specific exfoliating mitts & exfoliants for home use, to ensure a perfect preparation, ask one of our team.
  • Do not apply moisturisers, body butters, oils, perfumes or deodorant before your tan.
  • Wear loose clothing & open footwear, & remove all jewelry.
  • Exfoliate to remove any pre-existing tan & perform hair removal such as waxing and shaving prior to tanning. This will ensure a more even, longer lasting result.
  • Your tan technician will advise you as to the processing time specific to your personal tan. Only shower after the amount of time recommended by your tan technician. When showering ensure you rinse thoroughly & evenly, pat dry & apply your pro long tan extender & shower butter to extend the life of your tan.

Click on this link to book for your spray tan online.

Full body spray tan – available in 8hr & instant 1-2hr solutions


Buff ’n’ Tan – full face & body exfoliation followed by personalised spray tan


Ten visit tanning pass – no expiry date, no sharing ($25 per tan)