IPL Painless Hair Removal - $300 Voucher for only $150

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Painless Hair removal.

Receive $300 of IPL Treatments for only $150.

Can only be used on full price IPL Treatments.

Not available to use towards discounted IPL Packages or promotions.

Can be used on multiple areas and split over multiple visits if required.


IPL is a technology aimed at producing light of a high intensity in a short period of time, calculated in milliseconds.

The light produced during the flash is absorbed by a pigment called melanin, contained in the hair follicle. Melanin in the hair shaft absorbs light energy which is then transformed into intense heat. This is the same principle used by Laser Hair Removal, a principle known as selective photothermolysis, the heat radiates from the hair to follicular cells, while the surrounding skin remains relatively cool. The heat produced will then destroy the hair by cauterising the vessels connected to the base of the hair.

The hair follicle is unable to grow or produces a slow growing hair, lighter in colour ans smaller in diameter. Every hair colour and type (pigmentation) requires a certain wavelength of light. Contrary to the laser which produces a monochromatic light (single wavelength), the flash lamp produces a full broad spectrum of light (multitude of wavelengths). This allows many different hair colours including brown and black hair to be targeted by the light emission

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